Console displaying table not exist

hey there,

in all my tables in backendless console i get something like this error “Table ‘4415C177-BE15-4347-8.4415C177-BE15-4347-8.E0F86’ doesn’t exist” please what is this.

Hello @Yomade_Stephens

We are releasing a new version now, could you please provide your APP_ID

Regards, Vlad

289CE5B0-29C6-07EE-FF20-002435AFFA00 there you go

It seems like everything works now, could you please confirm?

yh i can see that. thanks a lot

heello @vladimir-upirov

please i need a little help. i want to get the object of multiple users.

what am trying to say is i have a table named “Broadcast” a lot of things are been saved there.
now i want to get the objects the current user saves and all his followers at once, something like feeds on facebook or instagram where you get to see the post of the current user and all his followers.
My response in regards to my whereClause seems to be given me just that of the current user.

Hello @Yomade_Stephens

Could you, by any simple example, describe in more detail what kind of data model you have and what exactly you want to receive.

As far as I understand, then you have:
Users table with OneToMany column followers
Broadcast table with a column with the name author + column with the name post?
Did I understand you correctly?

I have a table named “broadcast” that is where every post is been saved.

I also have a table named “following” this is where every one who follows each other is been saved I.e their id, name, etc.

I have the current users id and the Id Of people he/she is following.

Let say the user is following 50 people. All I want to do is get all the broadcast Of The current user and that Of all the people he/she follows using the Id Of the user and people he/she follows


You have user IDs (xxx-1, xxx-2, … xxx-50) whose posts you want to receive.
Suppose you have two fields author and post in the broadcast table.
Then you need to make a request of the following form: IN ('xxx-1', 'xxx-2', ... 'xxx-50') and URL encoded =
See documentation - Search with the Where Clause

aiit let me give it a try