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Console file

(Fabio Na) #1

Hi I was searching file with console in Files section, when I type a single letter it starts searching automatically, and I can’t write a second letter. also search in subdirectories doesn’t click. Browser chrome 72.0.3626.109

(Vladimir Yalovy) #2

Hi @fabio_na

I’ve created inner task (BKNDLSS-18181) to solve the problem.
All information about progress will be posted here.

(Stanislaw Grin) #3

Hi @fabio_na,

thanks for reporting this problem. We have fixed this and will release it soon.
Will keep you informed.


(Stanislaw Grin) #4

The fix has been released.
Please check if everything is works well for you now.


(Fabio Na) #5

thanks @Vladimir_Yalovy @stanislaw-grin for quick fixing this, super support. Cheers guys