"Console Management API function pack should be purchased for application to use REST for console"

Unable to user the Admin API for queries.

However we have purchased the identified pack for all our applications.

Here is the application_id: 6310BC44-383B-6119-FF03-01F4D2EC6D00


Could you provide an example of a query which fails? Or do all of them fail?

GET /console/appversion/425E6C37-BB6D-279E-FF91-30A82A0BA200/userlogin
Host: api.backendless.com
Content-Type: application/json
application-id: “REMOVED”
secret-key: “REMOVED”
application-type: “REST”
Cache-Control: no-cache

Is there the “auth-key” header in the request?

Nope, sure isn’t… Is that my problem?

Yes, that’s the root cause of the error you’re getting. The page 8 of the Admin API doc says:

"The auth-key header and the assigned value must be sent back to the server with ALL Admin/Management API calls." 


Ok thanks, let me give it a shot.

The error surely didn’t read like it was a technical issue.

I agree, the error doesn’t exactly tell you what you did wrong. It was worded primarily for the users who try making an Admin REST call without purchasing the function pack (the 80/20 rule - there are more users in the group of those who make a call without a purchase).