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Contact Form on Landing Page does not send email

I have set up the Contact Form on the App Landing Page but it is failing to send the message giving a “Unable to send message. Contact the Developer” message. I have my smtp server set up and it is being used for confirmation emails and other custom email templates so I know it is working. I have an email and a subject entered in the “Contacts” portion for the setup. I am not certain what I am missing to make that contact form work. Anyone else had this issue? Thanks.

Hello @Sevren_Brewer

Please provide your APP_ID and I will take a look at your landing.

Regards, Vlad

Hi Vlad, I appreciate it. App Id is BB06653B-4C8B-B7B2-FF32-B59686641800. Thanks.

it happens because you’ve denied “SEND EMAIL” permission for NotAuthenticatedUser

Yep, that did it. Thanks a ton Vlad!