String UserObjId = context.getUserId();
It returns null always.


Before method invocation you should login user
and make a call as authenticated user.

Hi Kate ,

I am sending request after login.
And only authenticated user can request.

Hi Kate ,

I am sending request after login.
Only authenticated user can request.
I am using event handler for After Execution of find request.

I’m having the same problem Kate. Could you check it at your end and give us a resolution on this? We are using Backendless for the very first time and there isnt much available out there except for this forum.

Here is my steps:

  1. Add after find event handler and run it in debug
  2. Go to data console -> rest console
  3. Login user in rest console and run find url= request[/url]
    And I received user id correctly
    Please describe your steps. It will help us to reproduce the issue.