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Continued billing for backendless 3 endpoints when service not working anymore

(Pawel Kulikowski) #1


I would like to note that I am unable do disable a service bought in marketplace for Backendless 3.x. It was related to extended amount of outside endpoints to be used by my server logic. But this is not the main problem, the main problem is that I am still being charged for this service even when backendless 3.x is discontinued. My application ID is: 9BD8EE9D-DF65-2CC1-FF65-52CF0162EC00. Please let me know how can I disable this “not working anymore” additional service?

(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Pawel,

I apologize for this mishap, it was due to an error in the system which didn’t update your app on time. We can offer you a credit for either the app in Backendless version 3.x or 4.x. Please let me know if you plan to “revive” the app in version 3.x or perhaps migrate to version 4.


(Pawel Kulikowski) #3

Hello Mark,

I already moved my implementation to Backendless 4.x. My application ID is: 2573959E-0FE2-4B13-FFFD-DEFE7A4E1B00. I will remove version 3.x shortly. Just as a side question. Does it work the same for 4.x? I mean I need to remove the whole app to disable features in the marketplace? Or maybe you did add a way to discontinue custom paid features from within app admin panels?



(Sergey Chupov) #4

Hi Pawel,

You don’t need to remove the application to disable marketplace products. We disabled in manually in your app. As Mark said, this was an unfortunate bug that the External Hosts component remained enabled in your app after we removed it from Marketplace.
Both in 3.x and in 4.x you are able to enable and disable any product in the Marketplace tab.