Convert a reusable component into a page

Hi All,

I had a design and logic that I wanted to copy from one page to another. Reusable component seemed like a good idea to make the transfer. Now however, I’ve edited so much inside the reusable component that I’m looking to break it up or start a new page with it. Is this possible?

Hi @Aaron_Alpeter

I’m not entirely clear on your situation, I need more details to understand.
How exactly do you want to break it up or start a new page from it?
What kind of component is it, and what do you mean by “starting a new page from it”?
As far as I know, it is not possible to create a page from a component, but you can manually break it up by creating several components and decomposing the logic.


Hi Viktor,

I think it basically comes down to me trying to take a shortcut and going too far down the rabbit hole.

Basically, I wanted to start a page design over on a new page but wanted to copy over some components and work into the new page. The only way I could do this was via a reusable component. The component in question was a data container and I basically kept adding to it to the point where the component now takes up 90% of the page. Whenever I need to edit the component or the logic I have to first go to the page hosting the component and then preview it.

In a perfect world, I’d be able be able to “convert” this component into its own page and work with it accordingly.


When you create a Reusable Component you could see the warning, so unfortunately it’s can’t be done.

I can recommend you make a copy of this huge component and delete everything except one part. Repeat it for all the most valuable parts.

Regards, Dima