convert backendless time String into Date object

Hi, I’m working on android, I want to show the relative time for the post, for this, I’m using 'android-ago- library which takes a Date object to show the relative time. But the format which backendless returns for creation time is different. Can backendless return the Date object? if not then what should I do? kindly help


What is the data type for the column in the table where you store your dates?



If you declare the “created” property as java.util.Date in the Java class which corresponds to the data table, it will be populated with data.

It is auto-created by backendless.

is there “created” field?
how is the object loaded from the server?
what data do you see in the “created” field?


here ‘item’ is the object of table’s class. it return the data in String like this “Wed Mar 29 20:42:59 GMT+05:00 2017”

it returns string, because you call the “toString()” method. If you use the "item.getCreated(), that one will return Date