Convert codeless APIs to .NET SDK or NodeJs SDK. Dev Environment and Git integration


Is there any way to export all the API created in the codeless designer to .NET SDK or NodeJs SDK? And also we need a development environment for our application and want to keep codes in a bit bucket.

Hello @Baljeet_Singh

Please try Download Client SDK button:

It’s amazing @Vladimir_Yalovy

  1. So, can you please let me know also how can I import?
  2. And, Cannot we download all the APIs as one project of .NET?

Hi, @Baljeet_Singh

Regarding your first question: Only JS and Java Business Logic are allowed to import.
You can import your code as a hosted service (you can find it under the HOSTED tab, after clicking on the “Add New Service” icon).
You will also find there the option to import the service in one of these formats: Swagger, RAML, WADL or WSDL. (You can find it as an IMPORT tab, after clicking on the “Add New Service” icon).
Another option is to download the project in the Coding section, add all the necessary services there and deploy it in your application.

About downloading: all existing services can only be downloaded separately for all listed languages.