Convert epoch time to date string in REST call response

I am calling Backendless REST API from Adalo mobile app platform. They have no easy way to convert epoch time to date/time string. Is it possible to have Backendless REST API return a date string in REST response, rather than epoch time?

Hello @Navjeet_Chabbewal

you can use afterFind EventHandle, here is a doc for Codeless, but it is also supported for Java and JS

Regards, Vlad

I am not sure how to add event handler for REST this API call
Can add logic to this API in Codeless? Is there a video to provide more details?

Hi @Navjeet_Chabbewal
We have our channel in YouTube,
You can find there lots of useful videos about Codeless and many other important things you may encounter when working with Backendless. There are videos which provide about EventHandles. Hope, it will be helpful for you.