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Copy File Success but retuned fault

Backendless Version 6.03

Client SDK (Swift )

Application ID D9A125C9-EC13-7800-FFE2-65704F435300 (537.7 KB)

File is successfully copied but returns a fault.
This was working fine prior to V6,

Delete the Folder /Test to see it return the error im looking at, otherwise it will say cant overwrite.

Hello @robert-j

We will investigate the problem and respond you as soon as possible.

I create internal ticket BKNDLSS-22540, and will notify about progress.

Were you guys able to reproduce this?

We’re working on it. We’ll back to you once we get updates.


Hello @robert-j,

Sorry for the delay. This issue is fixed in Swift-SDK v6.0.4, could you please check?