Copy page from another container

Hello all.

I just understood that the Pages container feature is used for versioning the app. So I can fork my default container in order to test something new in my app before publishing, am I right?

But if I made a mistake deleting a page, can I copy the page that is located in the other container?

Hello @giovanny_padilla

Sorry for the late response!

Yes, you got it correctly. On top of that, you can have several different apps (containers), for example, you can have 1 public application for your customers and another one for Admin users.

At this moment there is no UI for cloning pages from other UIContainer, but there is a workaround: since each page is just a folder you copy across different containers

However, this is an undocumented feature and it might be changed in the future.

Internal ticket to add the UI for cleaning pages across containers is: BKNDLSS-25095

Regards, Vlad

It is perfect for now. In fact, I will use the option of two containers in order to separate admin app and customer app.

Thank you very much.

I can not stop saying this, but you have and amazing tool. Thank you all.

Thank you, we greatly appreciate that!
It’s very important for us to know that we are on the right way, and the best proof is satisfied customers!