Cors and weird link for user services

Hello, I’m currently facing a CORS problem even if in admin dashboard I allow all origins with the * ,
this is a problem that i was not facing before, when I check the network tab in dev tools i see that it is requesting a weird link like that i don’t understand what is the problem , when I tried to add CORS EXTENSION TO DEBUG THE PROBLEM I no longer get A CORS problem but a 404 Instead, for that link with the double // , if anyone can help that will be super great thank you In Advance! Im using The javscript SDK with next js!


It looks like you have initialized backendless sdk with the Backendless.initApp call. See this doc page for more details:


But Yeah I spent a hall day reading the hall doc , im using it via Npm and doing the Backendless.initApp should i also add the script link or what i didnt get it ?
when i disable the CORS IT Gives me that the endpoint is not found .
POST 404 (Not Found)

The endpoint is missing application ID and API key which are set in initApp. Make sure the initApp call is made before any other API call in the app.

My Bad ,I accidently deleted a part of the key , sorry for that , thanks for your time , I really liked the project BTW Good Luck with that <3