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Crash logs in Backendless?

Just wondering if crash logging is available or maybe planned for the future, I have another logging platform that I use and pay for, I’d love to drop it and just use this one.


Hi Andrew,

We do not have it yet. I envision it could be an API service that potentially goes into the marketplace. Could you describe how the current system works for you? Is there a library you drop into the client app or there is some integration at the code level?


Hi Mark,

I add a library, using pods. Then I can make a macro to redirect all of my NSLog statements, or I could just send one, I imagine similar to the logs available with you guys. Then they also have crash logging, which grabs the crash info that can be desymbolicated. I can open a control panel and search by various things to find logs, and even then they embed the crash right into the stream of logs. It’s Bugfender if you want to look.

But I’m seriously thinking of dropping it and just using your logs, the main use of the crash logs is to see how much crashing is going on.


Hello @Andrew_Smith

Thank you for the information you provided. We will take it into account if we decide to make our own crash logging service.