Create a column codeless


I want to create a column dynamically in an existing table, i want to use the username of the user as name of the new column which needs to become a boolean value.

Is it possible to do this codeless?

Hi @Michel_Loriaux ,

It is possible to do that when “dynamic scheme” is enabled in your app. To do this you should store an object with user name as field name and some boolean value to your table.
At the same time I advice you to reconsider your approach since there is a DB limit for amount of columns in the table around 4000. Also big amount of columns can slow down your queries to the table. Instead it is better to create a separate table with two columns “user name” and “enabled” to store your information there or use similar approach.

Regards, Andriy

Thanks @Andriy_Konoz,

I will create a separate table with two columns.