Create a new record to Backendless with an image, details, and relationships from Bravo

Hey all,

I’m trying to understand how this will work in my head.

Users are creating a new object with a picture, details, and associating it to a related field.

For instance if someone was uploading an item to sell online, let’s say a frying pan.

They would upload the picture of the pan they take with their phone. The description of the pan, and price, Also they would associate it with the categories Cooking, and Housewares.

I’m thinking this might actually have to be done with 3 separate submits from the user?

  1. Capture the image on their mobile device - BravoTag [component:input-image] Then they hit an “upload” button in order to post that to the files section of Backendless.
  2. They enter the details, name, description, price, and hit “Create Product”, BravoTag [action:submit] This will actually add the item, the details, and associate the previously uploaded image with this item.
  3. Now I’d have to have them update the item with another button to put it in (relationship) the Cooking and Housewares categories.

Does this sound, correct, or is there a way to do this all in one submission like you would in most standard apps like this where you post something with a picture?

So, choose the photo from the camera, choosing the category or other related fields it belongs to, add the text from the form and submit it.

Hello @Casey_Whitcher!

Yes, that’s right, you can make a form where you first need to add data and then upload it to the server.


Can this be done so that it’s only one submission by the user? Or possibly so that it gives the appearance that it’s only one submission by the user?

I’m thinking for the image the actual process of adding it might trigger it to be uploaded without having to click a separate button, and possibly something similar for the relations? maybe the relation designations could be stored so that they fire in order when the person creates the product and it appears seamless to the user?

Anyone know if there are any tutorials on this? I’ve looked through a ton of the YT videos but they pretty much all use the UI builder to send data instead of setting it up with the rest API so that I can figure out how to do it from another front end application?

Uploading an image is going to be one separate request. When you upload an image, the response will be the URL of the uploaded image. Once you have that, you can make the second request where you will save in the database all other details (including the image URL).


Thanks Mark, So if I’m having a user add an item to their database collection of items,

I want the new item to add

  1. an image,
  2. a name and description
  3. be associated with a category of items. (books, tools, etc.)

If I am understanding this, I need to have the user submit 3 separate requests right?

  1. upload the image,
  2. add the record with the form details (name, description, image URL)
  3. add the relation to the category it belongs to.

I understand 3 things have to happen here (if the above is correct)

My question is, is there a way to create a user experience, where they are not clicking 3 separate submit buttons?

So in the UI the user would add the image, the details, and choose the category,

That information would the be stored in some way to fire off those three sequential tasks, to appear seamless to the end user?

hello @Casey_Whitcher,

you can do it in one click for the user in the following way.
A user provides name, description, add press upload button, you show him an upload dialog, where he chooses a picture, when he presses ok, you upload the image first then do all other things under the hood. Meanwhile, you show some spinet for the user.