Create an API service which writes to the database Task not completing

Task: Create an API service which writes to the database

I created the service and invoked it to create objects and the task will not complete. I even deleted the order table and had it dynamically create the table like the video.

Hi Jason,

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Did you create your service exactly as described in the instructions? The system is tuned to recognize only the service/method that is described.


Mark, I double checked the service name, methods, everything I could think of. I do not see any variations from the instructions or the video. I think the only thing that varied is the specific arguments I used to create the record i.e. (name and amount used).

Please let me know your application ID, I will take a look at the service.

Here is the application ID:

@Jason_Whipple everything looks good to me.

@stanislaw.grin , could you please check why the task is not recognized as complete?

Hi @Jason_Whipple,

I see that you created the createOrder service method using the POST method, and in the video tutorials this is PUT, so you should also have it.

I’m not sure that editing an existing method will trigger the corresponding task from the missions, so I would recommend re-creating the method again. In order not to rewrite the codeless logic from scratch, you can copy it to the clipboard through Сtrl+С/Сtrl+V or place it in the codeless function and thus be able to reuse the same logic in different places (another tip in the learning context). Once again, sorry for not the fastest answer, I did not react in time to my mention here, we usually work faster.

Please let me know if you have made any progress.


Thank you Stanislaw, that did it. I was able to edit without having to re-create it BTW.

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