Create breadcrumb with links in UI Builder

I wamt to create a breadcrumb and use on the pages I create. Since pages are linked internally, how do I go about doing this in an easy way? Just use raw text and create anchors, and manually create these as content logic? Or is there a smarter way of doing this?

Hi @Egil_Helland

Try using the repeater to reach the behaviour described above.


Good tip @Marina.Kan, although my primary focus/question is about the links themselves and how to create these to be resilient so that they can pass on necessary arguments etc as you traverse pages. Is there a way to get the url arguments for the current page instance?


Unfortunately, at the moment we do not see an easy way to implement your idea. As far as we get the idea, all your pages are on the same level. We don’t give the possibility of a tree structure of the application on the same level. So you need your own page tree, and your own logic for handling it. You will need to store it in a JS tree object.

As we see, the easiest way is to create our own custom component for this. We have created an internal ticket, MARKET-2015, to look more closely at the implementation of this component. We will let you know when we have any results on this ticket.


Understood @Marina.Kan.

Just to expand a bit on my needs, I would be happy to provide or maintain a hierarchical tree structure to a function or component, or even just a set of pages becoming the path to the current page (eg: “Home” ➔ “page:default”, “My profile” ➔ “page:profile”), allowing for a more proper rendering of this.

Hello, @Egil_Helland !
We are happy to announce that the “Static Breadcrumbs” component has been released. You already can try it on the Marketplace.
Happy Codeless Coding!