Create get api with verification by return


I’m trying to figure out how to create a webhook that will return text input as this service requires Nylas Docs

it looks like it needs to return the challenge value, but all my attempts failed.

Appreciate any help

Hello @Mikhail,

how do you verify that it’s failed? Have you tried to invoke this method manually?

The goal is to verify the webhook in to receive calls.

So I’m pressing verify on and it returns like error, the challenge string is not returned.

If I press invoke body contains a string as an input, but for some reason, it’s not working for Nylas.

In Bubble I used return data as a plain text and it worked, but here it’s little bit more complicated

hello @Mikhail

what result do you get, and what do you expect?

If I pass challenge: data
It returns “data”
but I think I need it to be data without semicolons, like plain text

Try the following:


It did work! Thanks

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