Create relation(s) during object creation

Hi Backendless Team,

I wonder why it is not possible to ass relations to other objects during the creation of objects in the database.
Nice would be, to just pass the child objectId the relation goes to, during the creation of the parent object. This would ease the creation of a larger amount of entries a lot, as I do not have to add the relations (4 or 5 in some of my tables).

Also a one to many relation would be possible by passing an array of child objectIds as the value of the relation column when creating the parent object.

I saw also the bulk set relation topic (, additionally this is also a good idea for an easier relation handling.


Hi Jonas,

you’re right - it would be nice from developer position, but not from a backend perspective. Setting relations during creation of objects is a very expensive operation, so we made a decision to divide objects and relations management.


thanks for the explanation. That makes sense to me, you also have to be paid from something.
Then you can close this topic.

Best regards