Create Relations during 'Save' v4.0

According to docs:

I have to use SetRelation method to create relation between tables. My question is, how to make it in one request. Imagine basic table: To (BackendlesUser), From(BackendlessUser), Status(Int) and I want to save new instance.

I have to send request to create new entry (Status = 1), then SetRelations for To, then for From.
And I am not even counting confusion on custom backend side of this issue.

So why We cannot use Objects (iOS) like before in 3.0, define relations in code and perform save in one step ?!

Relation management works differently in 4.0. This has been discussed on this forum many times. Here’s one example:

The primary reason why you cannot do it as before is because that approach causes multiple problems for performance and scalability of the service. 4.0 was built with the goal to make service more reliable and as a result, some things had to change.


Thank you for answer, regarding support for 3.0

Do you have an estimate for how long we can use 3.0 ? Are you planning to force users to migrate to 4.0 ?

3.x will remain an active cluster as long as there are customers on the paid plans. The apps on the free plan in 3.x would either need to migrate to 4.0 or switch to a paid plan. The cutoff for the free plans on 3.x will be roughly sometime in October of this year.