Create uploaded file icons with UI Builder

I am trying to create upload file icons with UI Builder.

As a general approach, I am trying to follow your tactics in the Codeless Programming: Working with Collections video.

I start by creating an empty list called uploadedFiles at the page level.

I then set a block containing the upload button, containing a block that contains an icon. The block containing the icon has dynamic list behavior checked and has dynamic item logic data binding equal to uploadedFiles.

Finally, I add this logic to the uploaded files button.

Can you detect what I am doing wrong?

I am also trying to get the button to reset so I can upload a second file but it get stuck on the upload success message, even if I add the reset file uploaded block at the end of the on Upload Success logic.

Hello @Andreas_Marinopoulos

Did you added logic to icon?

I did everything according to your steps with adding logic to icon and it work good

If this is not the solution could you provide your appID with this page?

Regard, Viktor