Creating a calender page for bookings

Good day,

I can’t pick up any assistants in regards with a calendar page that I want to create codeless, but with this i want my customers to select the date and time to make a booking.

Any assistants with this will help alot.

Hi @Zarren_Lamberio !

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As I understood, you want to create page with form for booking and one of form’s fields will be date-time field for which you want to use date-time picker widget. Am I correct?

Regards, Andriy

Hi @Andriy_Konoz

It must basically look like a calendar and the when you have a client coming into the office you want to open the calendar and choose the date and then it will show you what time are open { “lets say office hours are 8am to 4pm” } then it will show that only 13h00 is open and the rest is fully booked.
It is for doctor rooms so basically it is a schedule calendar, were you have to chose date-time on the calendar, hope i am explaining it the way I am picturing it, ( new to app developing ) see image below what I am thing of. It must also be linked to the data list of “accounts” created so that you can select the person if they are already on the data basis

Thank you for clarification.
Unfortunatelly we do not have components which provide such grid “out of the box”. But you can create it by yourself. We have guides which will help you to learn how to create complex pages with UI Builder and how to bind logic to these pages using Codeless.

I would recommend you to start with our introduction course UI Builder Introductory Course - YouTube
Then you can follow this video tutorial UI Builder Masterclass - Complete Training Course - YouTube

More information about Codeless you can find in our documentation Backendless Codeless Development Guide

Also you can always ask questions here if you encounter some problems in process of development.

I hope this will help you start your development.

Regards, Andriy

Hi @Andriy_Konoz

I am on the mission on “data admin”, so have worked through this missions and is stuck on the "push messages, but it looks like I have to develop ( start building my app ) before I can go further.

so i am busy with my home pages as below -" I wanted to add this in my home pages as one function "

Thank so far for the assistants will go through the videos