Creating a good logging & debugging system in Codeless

Hi there,
I am trying to understand how to use logging effectively in Codeless.

I understand that I need to create various log messages methodically in my methods using the different log channels.

Is there a way to then bring the logging files to a UI in UI Builder or would I need to instead log messages to different data tables bypassing the Logging API in order to do that?

Hi. It all depends on your requirements.
If the goal is just to get log messages in a bunch the simple approach with already existing logging api will work fine. On the UI side you just load needed file.

But if you desire to have you own logging system, then you have to implement all features by yourself. You can use combination of database records (for recent messages) and files (as the long time storage).
We also provide integration with Loggly and ElasticSearch. Maybe it is your case.