Creating a marketplace type site

Hi all, complete newbie here. Trying to figure out if backendless is a good for as a substitute for bubble. Aim is to create a marketplace type site (like Airbnb or fiverr for example)

Is backendless a good solution for this type of use case? Can’t see any examples on YouTube.

It’s blistering fast database-wise, but wondering if it had the frontend capabilities of bubble. Specifically the concept of ‘repeating groups’ I guess, as everything else bubble is capable of seems to be achievable within Backendless (from the few training tutorials I’ve done).

Reeeeally don’t want to use a mishmash between the two even though I’ve seen it’s possible.

Thanks and apologies if this isn’t the right place to ask these sorry of questions, feel free to delete of course.


Hi Chris,

The short answer is “yes, Backendless can completely match the Bubble’s functionality and offer way more on top”. When you login to Backendless Console and get to the “New App” popup, you will see several blueprint apps, all of which are built with Backendless. There is a DEMO button for each so you can experience each blueprint/app.


Awesome Thanks! And I see if I had just kept going with the lessons I´d have realised there are “repeating lists” in a later lesson. Just that the lessons are slow-going and I wanted to make sure backendless was something to invest time in. So should I be writing here for the million doubts I have or in the slack channel?

For example even following the lessons I´m getting so confused as to the sheer number of objects and variables which very often have the same name in the mission videos. Is there a way to see what data is “stored” on the page (for example all bound data for the different UI elements.)

And is there a way to know what is a collection (is that the same as a list?) and what is a single value. For example how can I know whether what is returned is a list or a single item (apart from following the logic through the steps and figuring it out)? Might be a really stupid question, sorry about that but some of the logic processes are a bit hard to follow as a non-programmer when you´ve got info retrieved from tables mapped onto a list mapped onto a variable… What am I storing - a list of texts? a list of objects? and what is an object? Is it a unique item in a table?

Again, sorry for the dumb questions!

Thanks so much!

We recommend using Slack for more basic (yes/no) types of questions. Anything more complex than that should be posted here. When you post a question to the support forum, please create a separate topic for each question, problem, concern.

The simplest way to see the contents of a variable (or an object or a value) is by using the print block which will output the value into the browser’s console . Here’s a video demonstrating the approach:

A collection is the same thing as a list (or an array). A single value can be a primitive value such as a string, a number or a boolean value.

Typically you would know by convention. For instance, the “Load Table Objects” block always returns a collection/list of objects from the database.

Hope this helps.