Creating an auto-complete with a repeater


I am attempting to use a repeater as a form of auto complete. The goal is to allow the user to begin typing a customer name, then tap the button generated from the repeater to select the customer. Is there any way to retrieve the repeater-generated label name from the button when it is selected?


Hi @Tyler_Johnson,

could you please clarify where exactly you are trying to retrieve the label and what you expect to achieve?

We are basically making a driver kiosk interface, so that the driver can input their check-in information at a kiosk computer in the lobby instead of waiting in line for the desk. Ideally the label would be passed to the App Data, so that it can be uploaded with the data from the other pages once the driver finishes filling everything out.

This just seemed like the most user-friendly solution considering the number of customers we have at each warehouse, and to help with data accuracy and keep it simple for the drivers who aren’t too computer savvy. We can take another route if needed, was just an idea I wanted to try if possible. I just wasn’t seeing a good way to pass the data using a repeater button.

Try to add On Click handler, there will be a Component Repeater Data Item block, it’s equal to record in CUSTOMERS table, so you could get property from it, and do whatever you wan’t with it.



Regards, Dima

Got it, thank you for the help.