Creating once-off batch jobs

Is it possible to create once-off batch jobs using CBL? In other words, can I programatically create a execute-once-only timer to handle my jobs?

The business case is as follows:

  1. Javascript SDK powered front end to upload a CSV file to the File Service
  2. The front end then invokes a CBL custom event loading in the CSV
  3. The logic in 2. would be to break down the CSV into small chunks (several lines(records)) and then pass them off to the “once-off batch jobs”).

The reason for wanting to handle these records in small chunks is that each line involves some processing which can take a while (contacting a 3rd party server for metadata etc) and I’m afraid if I tried to handle everything in 2. I’d run into execution timeouts (20 secs for the Plus course my app is set at)

You may create a Custom Event, which will be triggered only when you call a particular URL.