Credit Card Declined - Reason Unknown

Hi - Card was added successfully.

But payment keeps declining. Bank says issue is not from their side. Funds are available.

Application ID is: 41A646B9-B87A-2BE3-FF09-FB0B9EEAC000

Can support take a look at this please?

Hi Daniel,

I see the most recent transaction in the referenced application was on November 14th. However, I noticed the app’s owner is Anton - as the app owner, he is the only one who can add/update payment profiles. A payment profile you add would be for your account and the apps you own.

To see the assignment of apps to payment profiles, app owner should do the following:

  1. Click the avatar in the upper right corner of Backendless console
  2. Click “Payment profiles” to see what payment profiles are available
  3. Click “My Apps” to see what payment profile an app is mapped to.


Thanks Mark.

Working now. Main purpose was for SSL certificate.

Says we might need to wait up to 24hrs. Anyway this can be expedited?


Hi Daniel,

Yes, I see an internal job request to generate a certificate for your app. It is in the queue and will be processed as soon as possible. Odds are it will take less than 24 hours.