Crud rookie mission 2 - help

I think missions are aimed at developers more than non-coders/makers. I can manage the CRUD part, but Serverless 101 will likely be out of my range. Is there any other way to get the free plan?

Anyway, I did what the mission 2 of CRUD requires with Adalo and the rest API, but it doesn’t work. I did the same procedure for the POST method in CRUD mission 1 and it worked, so I don’t think it’s a problem with Adalo/Bubble.

Video of my result:


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Hi @Giorgio_Barilla,

the purpose of our missions is to acquaint with all the capabilities of the platform - not only its no-code part. In the future, there will be separate missions exclusively for no-code. However, such a task as getting an object from the database shouldn’t be something super-complicated. I suggest you take advantage of the REST Console. Just go to the Person table, open the REST CONSOLE tab, and fill out ObjectID input with the first word (task requires to retrieve exactly the first object, not all of them, then click GET.

Please let me know if you have any other difficulties.


Also you can use our no-code tool - Codeless:

(On the screenshot you can see the block you need to use).

And also you can implement this task using UI Builder.
No code required here…

I was able to do everything with the table component in the UI builder, and I really appreciate you taking a look at this and pointing out most things could be done with the UI builder. Just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t face missions that can’t be done inside Backendless without custom coding, so this is a really good news for me.

I finished the CRUD part, thanks!

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You’re welcome!

Happy Holidays!

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