Crud Rookie Retrive Object

Task: Retrieve Object With API

Hi, Ive retrieved an object using the REST console but I still haven’t completed the mission
I dont know what im doing wrong

Hope this picture helps

The task is not recognized because the API request you make fails the following requirement of the task:

IMPORTANT: Make sure to use the find first object API to retrieve the object from the database

You can find more information on how to retrieve the first object from the API documentation:

I did the first object api but still nothing

Putting a url into the request body doesn’t make sense. Btw, there is no request body in the API for getting first object. Also for GET requests, you can try putting the URL in the browser (you know where you put to go to Google) - that will make a GET request.

One thing you may want to check is that your “API Tracking is Enabled” and you haven’t accidentally disabled that…?