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CRUD Rookie - Stuck on Update and Delete

Not a coder at all. I know zero languages so the documentation is less helpful. Using AppGyver to develop a basic no-code app and the article here: How to Integrate AppGyver With Backendless | Backendless has been extremely helpful for understanding how to integrate (and for how to complete the first two CRUD missions). Now trying to do the update and using what I think are the same techniques and instead of updating, it’s creating a new record with no name and a zero age. Any suggestions would be helpful! Deleting just doesn’t work at all (404 error). I think it’s in how I’m setting up the schema, but I can’t tell for sure.

Hi Frank,

We’re about to release a version of the Mission Map for nocoders. Until it is launched, please use the following video guides for the tasks in question:

Updating an object in the database: Updating an object in Backendless (Codeless) - YouTube
Deleting an object: Deleting objects in the database (Codeless) - YouTube


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These are awesome. Thank you! You may have just convinced me to use your UI Builder instead lol

You are very welcome!