Crud rookie, stuck

Task: Retrieve Object With API

The task explanation is very unclear how you need to complete this task.
There is some Javascript shown in the task description, but no JSON that I can enter in the Request-body in the REST Console. What must I do with this javascript?


You may create simple JS project, install backendless npm module there and run code inside this project, or you can use REST Console:


Thanx, but I need to enter the “first” parameter somewhere to retrieve the first object/record from my Person table. The Request URL is not editable to me. Is that always so?

Ah, sorry. I can share one workaround for you in REST console - instead of ObjectId put there ‘first’ string. That would do a trick :slight_smile: Also ‘last’ string would return last object (just for future).
Currently we’re working on redesign of this screen to make it more intuitive and simple, also with more features to be added.


Thanx Stanislaw for all those fast replies to rookies like me!

I just found out myself. It would be good to mention this in the Task description!
I thought that Object Id was only to be used for real ID’s,

Also Count works in the ObjectId :smiley:

Yeah, it also works :slight_smile:

Will do that!

You’re welcome! Happy coding!


Hey, can we complete this mission without coding? I’m trying to go through the missions in order to use Backendless as a visual development platform, but unsure if this mission can be done visually. Thanks

Hello @Miraje_M

We will be happy to assist you. I need to ask you a few more questions to better answer your question.

  1. What do you mean by “can be done visually”?
  2. Do you want to complete this mission with Сodeless?

Hello @Vladimir_Yalovy

  1. By that I mean without writing code, so through Codeless

  2. Yes I’d like to complete that mission and every other mission without writing code because that’s how I’ll be using Backendless (as the platform heavily advertises itself on Twitter as a visual development platform).

Thank you,

Hi @Miraje_M,

Every single mission/task that focuses on using our APIs (except for those related to push notifications) can be done with the UI builder or server-side logic using Codeless. Codeless includes visual blocks that execute the same APIs.


Hi @mark-piller

So would we have to code if we wanted push notifications?

And are there docs specifically to read and learn about Codeless and how it all works (not a REST API doc that relates)?


The way push notifications work is the device must register with APNS/FCM. That is a requirement imposed by Google and Apple, and yes, you’d need to write code for that. To learn about Codeless, I recommend watching our YouTube videos:


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