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Css z-index:

Overlapping my navigation bar. I have set the navigation bar css as high as z-index: 10001; but ‘First name’, ‘Last name’ and ‘Age’ continue to scroll above the navigation bar. (Male, Female and Buttons are fine).


Hi @Mark_Wilkinson !

Could you please provide your App ID and names of a container with page on which you encoutered such behavior?

Regards, Andriy

Hi Andriy,


Container → MainMenu (which has classes ‘NavigationBar’)
.NavigationBar {
/* fixed navigation bar top*/
position: sticky;
top: 0;
z-index: 10001;
background-color: blue; /* For browsers that do not support gradients */
background-image: linear-gradient(90deg, #E5EBF1, #c2dde6);

Containers Not scrolling under NavigationBar > Block 78 > Input 7 Input 8 Input 9

Your element has inline styles, you should reset it by click on the blue cross.

Regards, Dima.

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Super good to know for the future. Thanks