Csvadpater marketplace the downloaded csv file doesnt show the foreign language properly

Hi I have configured the
csvadapter which is taken from marketplace.
I am exporting a table to csv the table has a comment filed, anything non english its giving in the downloaded file as ? symbols only, where as the same in the backendless table shows the actual data correctly. example a person types some Arabic text, in the downloaded csv file it comes as ? symbols.

How to solve this or any workarounds? I have tried the excel and the various csv options and utf-8 etc… but the file itself has the field loaded with ? symbols. Kindly advise


Hello @dbasilapp,

I have tried to reproduce your issue with non-English symbols, here is my result:

As you can see, everything shows as it should.

Here is the file:
person.csv (401 Bytes)

How can we reproduce your issue?