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Current time as a default value

I think it would be a nice feature to be able to set “current time” as a default value for Datetime field in Data Service.

I know one can use the created field for that, but there are some inconvenient differences, which are:

  • you can’t change the created field value further
  • usually there is a more appropriate name for that field in your app’s domain, e.g. start

Hello @scadge

Thank you for your proposal.
We will discuss this.

Not the most straight forward solution, but the created value can be copied in the afterSave business logic event.

Or just use the current time there…

Yes, there are ways to achieve that with event handlers as well, and also it’s easy to set time to current from the client. But still having it built-in, like in most databases, would be more convenient (and more atomic).