Custom Business Logic Deployment JAR Library

Hi guys, I have some question about CBL Deployment.

I have added External Host to my Backendless app ( as well as some additional JAR library :

  • httpclient-4.2.5.jar
  • apache-commons.jar
  • jackson-all-1.9.9.jar
  • logback-classic-0.9.jar
  • logback-core-0.9.6.jar
  • org.apache.httpcomponents.httpcore_4.2.1.jar
  • slf4j.jar

My Custom Business Logic deployed with no problem. However, when I called my custom event from my iPhone app, there is an error:

Fault Code 0. Class "org.slf4j.ILoggerFactory"'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package. 

It seems that there are two same classes in the packages. However, if I remove slf4j.jar, the custom event still won’t work since there are missing classes.

Any ideas?

Thanks before,

Are you using a signed jar in the deployment?

Not sure what do you mean. I got them from, but can’t find info whether it’s signed or not.

Can you explain a bit more?


Hi Victor,

Could you please provide jar file you are deploying to server? You can send it to



Internal ticket with id BKNDLSS-12551 has been created for this issue. You will be notified when it would be done.



I have sent the link containing the JAR files. Please let me know if you find anything.

Thanks guys.



Also keep in mind, that you can deploy or zip archive with all jar files (without folders or subfolders) or one uber jar (with all classes from all libs)