Custom business logic execution has been terminated

Backendless returns the following error during object save:
BackendlessException{ code: ‘15000’, message: ‘Custom business logic execution has been terminated because it did not complete in permitted time - 20 seconds’ }

Make sure that your execution of your custom business logic takes less than 20 seconds

I too am suddenly having this issue.

The code works fine in debug, but in production produces this error.
The code and query is so simple it is not possible to be taking even a second let alone 5 or 20 seconds. Something else is going on.

Is the code in JS or Java?

I don’t want to hijack, but for me it’s JS.

John, please make sure to check the following note in the doc:

If the code follows the rules outlined in there, please let us know your application ID and we’ll look into it.

Here is the applicationID:A6593C1B-1CDB-D3A3-FF12-E98F0EA52800

Please let us know which of the methods exhibits that behavior and what would be valid arguments for the method invocation.

Some items I prefer not to share publicly - Created a private topic:

Hope this helps and happy to share results here.