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Custom Business Logic on Standalone

I followed the Quick Start in the Business Logic section of the docs and none of the event handlers that I have set up are being fired. I have a table that I set up 4 different event handlers for to see if any of them would hit, but none of them seem to.
The command prompt looks identical to that in the docs and they all turn up in the debug tab of the Business Logic, but still they don’t fire, even though the objects are being created in the tables.
I’ve set up before/after Create and before/after Update, and they contain a simple console.log to see if they were hit.

Hi Kieran,

The Javascript Business Logic is not yet supported in Standalone version.

Hi Sergey,

Thanks for the reply, is there any timeline for when the Javascript Business Logic will be supported in standalone?
And is there somewhere that I can see the list of feature that are implemented/to do?