Custom Code - <!DOCTYPE html> Error with TinyMCE Editor


A few weeks back, I successfully managed to embed and interact with an instance of a TinyMCE editor, but when going back to this today, the editor is not initialising due to the error below.

I tried troubleshooting this TinyMCE requires standards mode and it seems if the < !DOCTYPE html > declaration is not on the page, then it will block TinyMCE from loading.

As I mentioned this was working a few weeks back, so not sure if you have stopped using the DOCTYPE declaration only recently? If, so any workaround available?


Hello @Farid

Thank you for sharing this experience with us!
I just created an internal ticket to investigate the issue, the ticket’s number for reference is BKNDLSS-26721.
We notify you in the topic once found something.

Regards, Vlad

Hello @Farid

We just released the fixed, could you please check if it works for you

Hi @vladimir-upirov,

Although this does render the TinyMCE editor. I cant seem to get access to the content that is written into the editor back into a UI builder variable. Which I was able to do before.

The console log is also not printing anything in the console, so not sure if the event is firing at all?

Also nothing printing in the console log
Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 21.21.54


Since it renders the editor and the onClick works I assume it’s more related to the Tinymce editor I can recommend you to ask it on their community.

However, if you provide a link to the page I can take a look

Got this working, silly mistake was referencing the wrong element in getElement.

Thanks for your time