Custom column in table which generates a PIN

Hi, I would like to create a custom column in a table that generates a PIN.

The situation:

  1. an entry is added to the table.
  2. the object ID (already automatically included in Backendless) is used to get data from the specific object.
    —up to here everything works—
  3. the column should automatically generates its own PIN (does not have to be unique, but must be 6 characters long and contain numbers and letter combinations)
  4. the user must enter the PIN to get all the information about the specific object.

Is it possible to make the whole thing work with the REST API?

I can query the object via the following URL:

If I now send the corresponding password via form-body, the other columns of the table should be displayed matching the object. If the password is wrong of course not!

I hope you have understood the situation correctly.
If you have any questions, just ask them.

Thank you very much for your help!
With kind regards,

Hi Fynn,

Here’s a solution for generating a PIN column for your table: create a generated column as shown below:

The Backendless database will automatically generate the PIN based on the provided formula. Here’s the result in my case:

Hope this helps.


Hello @mark-piller ,
thanks a lot for your great help!

It really helps a lot to understand the handling of Backendless.

Could you help me with one more small thing?
The PIN is now created thanks to your help. How can I make it so that the object data is only displayed when the PIN matches?

Hi Fynn,

Where do you display data? Is it a UI builder application?