Custom components updates not publishing to live URL

I noticed recently that the custom component changes weren’t publishing when publishing my app to the live URL.

There have been several custom components I have tried, but nothing has worked.

On the frontend, my page updates fine.

App ID: 53863FBA-230D-B800-FF05-96994B5F7E00

Updates are visible on the test URL, but not on the live URL.

Test URL content example: Dropbox Capture

Live URL content example: Dropbox Capture

I have an app demo in 4 hours time so it is crucial I get this resolved ASAP.

Thanks in advance.


Hello @Shane_Price

What the name of the component on screenshot?
Also, could you provide test credentials to login into your app, container and page name where I could see not applied changes?

Regards, Dima.

Hi Dima,

Finance Modal 2.0

No login details required as of yet. And the page you can see the issue is sales–history when clicking the Update button.

For obvious reasons I do not want to share a link.


@Shane_Price the issue should be fixed. Could you check it now?

Regards, Dima.

Issue is still present, for both components and now page logic.

First screen open being the test URL and second screen the live URL.

@Shane_Price Please, pay attention to the path where you are publishing now. We are pretty sorry, but while trying to reproduce your issue - we created a publish at /web/test_delete, and this path was saved as last used. Change it to /web and everything should work as expected.

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