Custom domain acces as http

Hello all,

I added a custom domain to my app, but when I access it is shown as a no secure page. I read that for cloud 99 you generate the SSL certificate.

For cloud 9 plans, what I can do for my app to have the SSL certificate and be shown as a secure page.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Giovanny,

If you are on the Cloud9 plan and need to host your UI Builder app via a custom domain with HTTPS, you can transfer the UI app to your own web server. Apps created with UI Builder can run from anywhere. Assuming you already have your own server and mapped your domain name to it and purchased your own SSL certificate, then do the following:

  1. Publish your UI Container to a directory in the Backendless file storage
  2. Switch to the BACKEND section and navigate to the directory from step (1)
  3. Zip the directory using the Zip Directory link. A zip file will be created.
  4. Download the zip file, extract its contents on your computer and upload them to your own server.

Now your UI Builder app can run from your own server.


Thank you for your answer, Mark.

So, if I want to redirect my …web/myapp to my custom domain with HTTPS I need to have the Cloud99 plan.

I do have SSL certificate through Cloudflare, but I don’t have my own server. (I’m new to all of this, this is my first app ever, I’m still learning)


If you decide to:

  • host your UI app in Backendless and
  • make it accessible via your own domain and
  • serve up the content via https

then with the Cloud99 plan you can achieve it by registering your custom domain in Backendless console.

Otherwise, if you’re on the Cloud9 plan, then to get https:// for your own domain, you would need to deploy the UI builder app on some third party server.

Hope this helps.


I understand.

Tanks @mark-piller

Have a good day.