Custom Domain not working properly

Hey Guys,
we use a custom domain (app id: 94D17EE3-97F1-475D-FFDF-DA02068C4500). And shortly ago you kindly installed SSL on the domain.
When I enter the domain in this form: it works fine. However entering fails to load the page. And
just entering lead to an unsecured http domain.

Do you have any idea on how to fix that? I’d guess you should alway land on the https domain no matter what you enter before the potthub.depart.

Hello Torben,

Have you created a CNAME record in DNS for ? That should solve that issue.

As for http:// to https:// redirect, this is something that may not work for everyone. Some users need to be able to access their app via http:// and others (like you) need a redirect. Since Backendless Cloud is a shared hosting environment, we cannot provide a custom behavior for individual domains.

I am curious, under what circumstances would someone use with http:// ? if your advertise/publish your domain always with https:// what are the odds someone would try openning it with http:// ?


Hey Mark,
as always thanks for the prompt response.
I’ll take a look at the cname record.

For the http: I might have written this misleading. We never advertise the http. Just https. I just thought expected behavior would be to always be send to the https page. No matter what you type in:,,,

Hi, @Torben_Murach !

In order for two domains and to work correctly, you need two domains to be added to the custom domains section.
Only one domain are supported in Cloud 9, two or more domains can be added only in the Cloud 99 package. For the correct operation of your domains you need to change the record A in the domain “” to the record ‘www CNAME’, and change the service package to Cloud 99 and after these actions you can correctly add the domain “”.
At this time, you will only have the domain that was added in the custom domains section.