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Custom domain on the Free Plan (since v.6.0)

Hi guys,

Congrats on launching v.6.0.0, looks like a big step forward.

With this update, I am not completely sure it is a step forward for our team though. When I logged in today, I noticed a red message

Your application has exceeded a limit of the Custom Domain on the current plan. All API calls will be blocked within 48 hours after the limit is exceeded.

Let me know if I missed some information before, but has the custom domain feature suddenly became a paid feature without any prior notice? Does it mean we must now switch to a paid plan within just 48 hours to keep our integration with Backendless working properly?

If that is the case, do you offer any alternative in this instance, maybe the new Springboard plan? I was looking for the information about the Springboard plan, but couldn’t find any details of what this plan is - what are the limits or whether it match any current paid plan.

It would be quite nice to understand what is happening here,

Hi @Justinas_Grazulis

The Custom Domain feature is available for Cloud9 plan and higher. Here is the detailed information and comparison of pricing options:

Best Regards,

Pufff!!! This has changed a lot and not for the better in my case.

Hi @Justinas_Grazulis and @Jesus_Calle,

We’d like to do what’s right. Certainly a change without notice is not something I’d expect. We can offer a month of credit for Cloud9 so you can decide if you want to stay on that plan or find an alternative. If you’d like to proceed, please contact me at


Hi guys,

Your response on this was very helpful, thanks for your support!


Thanks for the answer.