Custom domain to web app codeless

Hello, I´m trying to link a custom domain to my codeless app in order to access through a web browser. Is it possible to do that in Springboard plan? I´ve changed the CNAME www register to and added my domain to the custom domain section in the backendless configuration. I had messages in the browser that I need superscaling (paid plan), and now I have a message: {“code”:9070,“message”:“Application is not found by domain ‘’. Please contact support to fix the issue.”,“errorData”:{}}.
What am I doing wrong ?
Thanks a lot!

Hello @Ariel_Enrique_Rajz

Changes to DNS records may take up to 48 hours to take effect.

Two days have already passed?

Regards, Dima.

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Hello Dima, maybe it is 36 hours ago that I changed the CNAME of my domain. Since I get the message: {“code”:9070,“message”:“Application is not found by domain ‘’. Please contact support to fix the issue.”,“errorData”:{}} I´m assuming that my domain is reaching the backendless system yet.
How do I get access to the app ? do I only have to type ? or is it ? How does backendless knows that I´m willing to execute the web app ? Do I have to configure anything more ? I added my domain to custom domain zone, but there are some option for the API KEY (ROLE), REST API is ok ?
Thanks a lot!

Hello, @Ariel_Enrique_Rajz Can you specify app id?

Yes, it is: 97FDB733-CB53-A28E-FF3F-14271C242500

it’s duplicate of answer which was sent to email:
Unfortunately, with this configuration, your custom domain requests will not work. It doesn’t work because there is Super Scaling disabled in SpringBoard plan. In order for you to work in this configuration, you need Cloud 99. Or send your custom domain directly using CNAME without proxying through CloudFlare.