Custom event handler not being trigerred (BackendlessPro)


I was trying to work on something that requires event handler to be triggered when a record in a table is updated. However, my event handler block or code was never got triggered. I am using backendless pro. Please let me know what information you need for investigation on this issue.

FYI. I was able to connect remote debugger. And tried update something on the relevent tables which I was expecting the event should get triggered.

Are you using custom event handlers or before(after)Update ones? Java or JS?
Could please check whether any other handlers get triggered? For example beforeCreate


I am using Java, i put breakpoint on both before and afterUpdate method. But breakpoints was not triggered.
More info is my timers are running fine.
I checked all backendless services status are ALL running.


Please send your business logic project so we could try it on our environment

Just sent the project source via email. Is this Ok?

I have tried your code. And do not get any out from

LOGGER.debug(TAG, "afterUpdate got called");

so I add


rebuild it and i got result in debug mode

[INFO] Build successfully: 3 event handlers and 0 timers and 0 services
[INFO] Deploying model to server, and starting debug...
[INFO] Model successfully deployed.
[INFO] Waiting for events...