Custom function was deleted after converting into reusable

I have designed a component with Codeless Logic and a custom Function based on Codeless. After converting this into a reusable the custom function disappeared.

Hi @Jorg_Beyer

I was unable to reproduce this error.
Could you please describe the steps to reproduce this error?


Sure. I have created a component and a custom function - everything worked well. Then I converted it to a reusable and the custom function is not working anymore. I guess it is because of the scope of the function. And, I should use AppData for all variables and not PageData. Correct?

Hello, @Jorg_Beyer.

I cannot reproduce. Can you provide your appId and container/page/logic names please?

Best Regards, Nikita.

Sorry, I have deleted everything and reproduced it from scratch without converting to a reusable. What is the visibility of a custom function? Where can I use it, only on one page?

Functions are stored at the container level and can be used in any page and component.