Custom google map

I created custom function to make google map with API call, but when i open app i have error.


This is my code.

Hello @Nikola_Vojinovic,

where is this code located? We don’t have features that allow custom HTML document.


Then I am on wrong path. How can i make custom google map in UI builder from this tutorial?

Please see the following article on how to import and use a custom map using MapBox as an example, using the Custom Code block. It should work the same way for Google Maps.
The second way is to use a Custom Component, however the documentation for this feature is still in progress.


Hi @stanislaw.grin,

I’m interested in this feature and I have read the article you suggested; I was wondering if it is possible, in addition to representing a point on the map, also to calculate routes between two or more points. Thanks a lot,

Hello @Elena_Aralla,

These links can be useful:

  1. Custom UI Components in Backendless UI Builder
  2. That’s how we do them


thank you @olhadanylova