Custom html for download

I am trying to use custom html to create a form and a button to allow the user to download a template file from the UI. When I test the code, I get a ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED for the domain because the system is removing the main part of the URL. The defined URL is The resulting URL is https://documents.ClientDataTemplate.csv. How do I get the URL to remain as defined?

Hi @Richard_Munger,

Can you provide your AppID so that we can try to solve your problem?


App id: DEC6B808-645B-7B62-FF97-8D7C3B617700

Page: client_data_import

Hello @Richard_Munger

You could go to the file system, and copy absolute URL for needed file.


Does it solve your problem?

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Also, pay attention that you request file in “… Logic” handler. That mean’s that you request file every rerender(change in Page/App Data). To avoid it, you could use “On Page Enter” handler(or any other handler)

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Thank you