Custom Push BroadcastReceiver on Android?

Is there any way of overloading the BackendlessBroadcastReceiver for push notifications on Android so that we can implement different PendingIntents besides simply launching the app? Also, how would we access the payload of our message other than the title/content/ticker-text headers?

Thank you.

You can subclass our class and override the following methods:

  public void onRegistered( Context context, String registrationId )

  public void onUnregistered( Context context, Boolean unregistered )

  public boolean onMessage( Context context, Intent intent )

Any additional information is going to be in the intent object. We obtain the standard headers using “intent.getStringExtra”.


Hello Mark

How can i launch a specific activity when i click on a push notification.
It always launch the first activity in the app. I don’t understand how to change that.
Help please

Hi Jonathan!
You can find similar Q&A on stackoverflow